Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

On a wedding anniversary, tradition has it that you make or buy a gift linked with a traditional material. Here, we aim to provide suggestions and hints for how this can be done to help make that moment special.
Below is a summary of the main wedding anniversary gifts.

Click on the relevant year to access a range of gift suggestions - please note that we are currently populating these links so not all work yet

1st | Paper
2nd | Cotton
3rd | Leather
4th | Linen
5th | Wooden
6th | Iron
7th | Copper
8th | Bronze
9th | Pottery
10th | Tin
11th | Steel
12th | Silk and fine linen
13th | Lace
14th | Ivory
15th | China
20th | China
25th | Silver
30th | Pearl
35th | Coral
40th | Ruby
50th | Gold
60th | Diamond
65th | Blue Sapphire
70th | Platinum
80th | Oak
85th | Wine
90th | Stone